V574/575/576 Needle Valve

Gachot® V574 / 575 / 576 (V595 / 596) needle valves offer unmatched corrosion resistance even at the highest pressures.


General applications: Chemical and petrochemical industry, Air distribution networks, Gas distribution networks, Water distribution and treatment networks.

Technical data
Valve size (DN) : 15-25
Working pressure (bar) : 200 max
Températures (°C): -50 /+ 450
Full bore
Stainless steel version
Leakage Rate : EN12266-1 – Rate A (no leakage)

Flange connections:
Version 574 : Buttweld (BW)
Version 575 : Tapped Gas ou NPT
Version 576 : Flange PN16

Double heating jacket
Welded fin head (High temperature)
Welded head

Highly secure use
Corrosion resistance
Short face to face
Packing gland protected in full opening
Excellent resistance to high pressures

V574/575/576 Needle Valve